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Earlybirds Daycare

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Life at Earlybirds Daycare

What people say:

  • "My daughter loves coming here & gets so excited as soon as we get out of the car. The staff are brilliant too!"
  • "The staff are very supportive & friendly & also very approachable"
  • "Fabulous daycare, wonderful staff. My daughter loves it."

Outdoor Play

We believe that outdoor play is central to your child’s learning and development.  We have a no cancellation policy on outdoor play, meaning that our children experience all types of weather and seasons outdoors!  Whilst using the outdoor space your child will experience a wide range of activities including:

  • Painting and constructing on a large scale
  • Climbing and balancing
  • Exploring and investigating in the sensory garden
  • Riding bikes, trailers and scooters
  • Planting seeds and watching them grow!
  • Playing games such as bat and ball, hide and seek, skittles, hopscotch etc
  • Den building and role play activities
  • Digging in the sand pit and gardening area
  • Pouring and filling in water trays
  • Building Snowmen in Winter!
  • Going on bug hunts

We place great emphasis on planning for and supporting children’s learning outdoors and our outdoor space provides plentiful opportunities for all children to develop holistically.